Xue Jiali

Androgynous Pupil of The Dowager Empress


Class: C

Status 3: Resplendent Phoenix Society Member

Archetype: Priest

Destiny: Free: 5 Total:25
Entanglement: Free: 0 Total:18

Disadvantage: Open Transvestite

Benevolence 4 Force 3 Honor 3 Loyalty 4 Righteousness 3
Ferocity 1 Individualism 2 Obsession 2 Revenge 2 Ruthlessness 1
Awareness +5
Confidence +5
Finesse +5
Hardiness +5
Inspire +5
Learning +10
Politics +5
Wu Wei +10

Kung Fu:

Normal: 12 Free Cultivation: 5 Total: 26

Chi Threshold: 12/24/36

Yin Hyperactivity:
Yang Weakness:

Weapon: Sword

  • +5 Strike
  • +5 Block
  • You may Flood one die from the River while you make the attack. If you do and cause a Rippling roll, any Chi Aura used to protect against this damage costs 2 Chi points per die to purchase.


  • +5 Speed
  • +5 Footwork
  • You can Focus on Breath using only a single die from your initiative roll, instead of needing a set.

External Kung Fu
Subtle Force

  • Speed: +5 Unarmed +10
  • Footwork: +10 Unarmed +15
  • Strike: +10 Sword +15
  • Damage: +0
  • Block: +5 Sword +10
  • Toughness: +5

Correct Approach: If you make a Rippling roll, you may choose to cause superficial wounds. These function exactly as normal injuries, except they automatically heal after a good night’s sleep. They can cause somebody to be Taken Out, but never killed, only unconscious. A superficial wound that becomes inflamed stays superficial, even if the inflaming attack itself does not deal superficial wounds. Attacks that deal superficial wounds can’t inflame normal wounds.

Heart-Cutting Strike: You may use a Disrupt Marvel instead of an attack, allowing you to hamper your opponent without the need for a Minor Action. Use the Strike of the attack to determine the effectiveness of the Marvel. If you use an attack in this way, it no longer causes Ripples or Rippling rolls.

Flying Red Silk

  • Speed: +5
  • Footwork: +5
  • Strike: +10 Sword +15
  • Damage: +5
  • Block: +10 Sword +15
  • Toughness: +0

Internal Kung Fu
Fox Spirit Song

  • 1 Chi – Fox Leaves No Tracks: This entire round all opponents receive a -10 penalty to break your Waves.
  • 2 Chi – Flicking Tail Lashings: You can apply a +5 Strike bonus after your opponent rolls
    his defense.
  • 2 Chi – Parting The Grass: You have a +10 bonus to your Dodge, or a +15 bonus if it is an area attack that can exclude targets. Whether it excluded anyone is irrelevant; if it can be selective, then you can manipulate it into missing you.

Secret Arts:

  • Introduction to Predictionism
  • Extraordinary Scholar Techniques
  • Passions and Inspirations
  • Extraordinary Courtier Techniques
  • Curses and Influences
  • The Story of Fortune (Discovery Lore)
  • The Secret Art of Daoist Magic (Toolset Lore)
  • Manipulating Influences (Manipulation Lore)
    • Inflaming and Soothing Influences
  • Extraordinary Daoist Techniques


Resplendent Phoenix Society

  • Status 3: Member of the Resplendent Phoenix Society
  • Man in the society
  • Chi Imbalance
  • Part of a Society Plot
  • Resplendent Phoenix Kung Fu
    • May learn all Fox Spirit Song techniques instead of one per level
    • Learned Flying Red Silk at a -2 destiny discount

Central Plains

  • Fate tied to that of The Dowager Empress



  • Xue Jiali was born Xue Hongda (if I’m correct, a more or less masculine name), in Magnificent Ink. His family was prominent and powerful, but not the most prominent and powerful; they would be known to most in the city who paid attention to politics, but not to many outside of it.
  • His upbringing was typical, and relaxed. He was not in line to become head of the family, but he was insured of being given a good position once he came of age. As he grew, he became interested in martial arts, and started receiving training. He didn’t dream of becoming a member of the Wulin, nor did he see a need to defend himself; he simply appreciated the beauty and the sport of kung fu.
  • When he was a young teenager, he was approached by a member of the Resplendent Phoenix Society, who offered him training in their elegant and powerful martial arts. This came with several catches: he would have to leave his family and dress as a woman, and accept the side-effects of cultivating his Yin chi. He accepted, and adopted the more feminine name Xue Jiali.
  • For the next couple of years, he was trained as any young member of the Society would be. Despite dressing as a woman, he was generally recognized as a boy. A higher-up in the society had introduced him as a girl, though, so that fact was politely ignored, and he was treated as a girl. He never ran into any other boys in the same position as him; some sons of society members received training, but they were technically not members, and their gender was acknowledged.
  • After he’d begun to grasp the basics of Society kung fu, he was taken to the Summer Palace, where, to his great surprise, he was to be trained by the Dowager Empress. The Empress offered no explanation for any of this, instead focusing solely on his training. She was strict and demanding, but not overly harsh. She taught him the Secret Arts of the Priest, as well as the Society’s secret technique, Phoenix Under the Dragon’s Shadow. Despite that, he was never certain what her relationship with the society actually was.
  • For the rest of his training, he would spend some weeks training with the Empress, and some in more standard training at society headquarters. Now, he’s finally completed his training. Given the special training, and the unusualness of his selection as a member, he feels certain that he was chosen for some special purpose. But, despite that, he was given no special mission or secret instructions upon the completion of his training. Left hanging like that, he’s decided to follow the most straightforward path, and go to the tournament to be confirmed as a C-Ranker.

Xue Jiali

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