Ten Lai

Doctor on the run, making amends for her past


Class: C

Archetype: Doctor

Status 4: Ex-Black Lotus

Destiny: Free: 5 Total:25
Entanglement: Free:2 Total:16

Benevolence 5 Force 3 Honor 4 Loyalty 2 Righteousness 3
Ferocity 1 Individualism 1 Obsession 1 Revenge 2 Ruthlessness 3
Awareness +10
Inspire +10
Finesse +5
Medicine +10 Black Lotus Pills;Pressure Points;Focus on Breath
Perform +5
Wu Wei +5

Kung Fu:

Normal: 12 Free Cultivation: 6 Total: 27

Chi Threshold:


  • +5 Speed
  • +5 Footwork
  • You can Focus on Breath using only a single die from your initiative roll, instead of needing a set.

External Kung Fu
Graceful Crane

  • Speed: +5 Unarmed +10
  • Footwork: +15 Unarmed +20
  • Strike: +5
  • Damage: +0
  • Block: +5
  • Toughness: +5

Internal Kung Fu
Removing Concepts

  • 1 Chi – Calm Heart Skill: You have a +5 bonus to Awareness or Wu Wei.
  • 2 Chi – Spontaneous Effort: This roll, you can perform a single Minor Action that is based on a single die instead of needing a set.
  • 3 Chi – Clarity in Openness: You have a +10 bonus to any single Skill check.

Secret Arts:

  • Opening the Veins and Arteries: With a Moderate (20) Medicine Wave, the Doctor can give temporary regular Chi to either himself or a willing target he can touch at the cost of Ripples. The beneficiary receives 2 Chi per Ripple that they are prepared to accept. (This can inflict no more Ripples than the Doctor’s Rank level.) These points do not respire, nor do they remain after the combat. Characters without Cultivation, such as Lesser Legends or Unranked people, can use this technique exclusively to practice Internal Styles.
  • River Flows Upstream Technique: You can Flood dice to create a Poison attack with a Damage bonus equal to your Medicine skill.

Secret Arts

Secret Lores

  • Introduction to Predictionism


  • Introduction to Medical Conditions
  • Secret Art of Medicine
  • A Doctor’s Work
  • Secrets of Treatment
    • Inflaming and Soothing Conditions
    • Yin-Yang Technique
    • Internal-External Technique
    • Quick Work
  • Extraordinary Medical Techniques


  • Passions and Inspirations
  • Story of Self
  • Extraordinary Courtier Techniques


  • Curses and Influences
    • Identifying existing Curses and Influences: Make a Wu Wei roll at the urging of the Sage to identify an already existing Curse or Influence, with a Difficulty of 40 for Trivial Conditions, a Difficulty of 30 for Minor Conditions, and a Difficulty of 20 for Major Conditions. The target can oppose with Stealth or Wu Wei.
  • Extraordinary Daoist Techniques

A Woman’s Life

Black Lotus Society

  • Disadvantage: Hunted
  • Fortune 3: Took a Black Lotus Pill
  • Medicine Specialty: Create Black Lotus Pills

Emerging Young Heroes Tournament

  • Entanglement (1): On Smoke Clouded Mirror’s bad side.


Lai’s beauty and style of dress make her stand out. It takes effort on her part to be acknowledged as a xia warrior: fending off covetous thugs is something of a common occurrence.


Her name is Ten Lai. Her family are minor landowners, not wealthy but somewhat well-connected. After the birth of her younger brother, who would inherit the family estate, her father arranged for Lai to be apprenticed to a talented female doctor called Winter Rose in the city of Sweet Melancholy. The profession suited Lai: she has a sharp mind, quick fingers and keen eyes, and in time she became the favored apprentice. Unfortunately for Lai, Rose is secretly an active member of the Black Lotus Society, and the Society has use for young and talented people! In good Black Lotus fashion, Lai was given an offer that she could not refuse: Rose seduced her and got her hooked onto Black Lotus Pills, and allowed her to choose between working for the organization alongside her mistress or dying an agonizing death without the drug. Lai chose the former.

Lai learned kung fu and received training in the dark side of medicine from her mentor and other Society figures for several years. Regular doses of Black Lotus Pills made up for the physical conditioning that she never received as a child, and careful treatment ensured that the side effects were minor. Lai’s hands might tremble and leave her unable to work now and then, but what is that compared to the gift of learning kung fu and becoming part of the wulin? Even she often felt that it was a good arrangement during the first few years.

In time, however, the piper must be paid. As her skill grew, so did the tasks required of her. At first it was the simple (but delicate) preparation of some exotic drugs for members of the Society. Then she was asked to oversee laborers preparing opiates and other drugs for public consumption—and every time she treated an opium addict, she wondered if her products might be to blame. When she was brought in to help “strengthen” people by boosting their physical capabilities at the cost of severe body imbalances that led to pain, deformities and sometimes an early death—some of which, like herself, were unwilling Black Lotus addicts—she at last found the determination to escape, regardless of the cost. Using the skills Rose had taught her, Lai coaxed her mistress into revealing the secret to making the drug that held her captive, set the facility she worked in on fire, and promptly escaped.

She calls herself Lin now, and practices as a wandering doctor. The wulin is a large place—maybe ; enough for a low-ranked member such as herself to disappear among the crowd. She moves frequently and tries not to make close ties, but she’s also a sucker for a good cause: she may complain and point out how heroic struggles against bad odds are stupid, but more often than not she will grind her teeth and go along with it. Deep down, she knows that she’s hurt a lot of people, and she owes them. Calling attention to herself in this way only hastens the day of the Black Lotus’ vengeance, but on the days she’s feeling brave she is willing to risk that. Some days, her hands won’t stop trembling and she wonders if she needs to prepare another pill sooner than expected—on those days, she doesn’t feel very brave.

Ten Lai

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