Shining Star

Pupil of the Five Steel Saint, Revenge Seeking Biker on The Run


Class: C

Wulin Status: 3
Heaven Sword Alliance Status: 4

Archetype: Warrior

Joss: Chivalrous:5 Malicious:0
Destiny: Free:1 Total:26
Entanglement: Free:1 Total:18

Disadvantage: Hunted by Morning Frost and The Heaven Sword Alliance

Benevolence 3 Force 5 Honor 3 Loyalty 3 Righteousness 3
Ferocity 1 Individualism 2 Obsession 1 Revenge 2 Ruthlessness 2
Awareness +5
Hardiness +5 Focus on breath
Might +10
Ride +5 Motorcycles
Tactics +10 Combat approaches
Confidence +5
Wu Wei +5

Kung Fu:

Normal: 10 Free Cultivation: 6 Total: 6
Metal: 3 Free Cultivation: 0 Total: 20

Chi Threshold: 10/20/30

Chi Deviation: Metallic Skin. The more Shining Star cultivates her Metal Chi, the more she becomes like a machine. At first, her skin began to shine like polished steel. Soon, it became stiff and metallic everywhere but the joints. Now, faint grooves emitting glowing blue light have begun to etch themselves into her skin over her Chi meridians. The more metal chi she cultivates, the more metallic she will become.

Massive Sword

  • +5 Damage
  • +5 Strike
  • +5 Block
  • -10 to block if attack is described as best dodged
  • Flood a die from the River to ignore armor
  • Flood a die from the River to double cost of opponent’s chi aura

External Kung Fu
Eight Legends

  • Speed +5
  • Footwork +5
  • Strike +10 / +15
  • Damage +5 / +10
  • Block +10 / +15 (Legendary Force)
  • Toughness +5

Internal Kung Fu
Iron Body Skill

  • 1 Chi — Iron Power: You have a +5 to Damage
  • 2 Chi — Grand Horse Tramples Rice: You have either a +10 bonus to Knockback your target or a +15 bonus to Cover Ground.
  • 3 Chi — Swaying Branches Surround Willow: You have a +15 bonus to Block.
  • 4 Chi — Black Tigers Hunting: You have a +20 bonus to Strike; You have a +10 bonus either to Disorient or Disrupt your target.

Formless Techniques

  • 1 Chi — Submissive Steel: Call your weapon to you from across a room

Secret Arts:

  • Unassailable Battle Saint Technique: You can spend 1 Joss when you roll a Critical Success to create a Combat Condition for yourself to make it a Major Condition.

Secret Art Lores

  • Combat Conditions (System Topic)
  • Secret Art of Battle (Discovery/Toolset/Manipulation Lore)
  • Extraordinary Warrior Techniques
    • Unassailable Battle Saint Technique


  • Introduction to Predictionism (System Topic)
  • Extraordinary Scholar Techniques


  • Curses and Influences
    • Identifying existing Curses and Influences: Make a Wu Wei roll at the urging of the Sage to identify an already existing Curse or Influence, with a Difficulty of 40 for Trivial Conditions, a Difficulty of 30 for Minor Conditions, and a Difficulty of 20 for Major Conditions. The target can oppose with Stealth or Wu Wei.
  • Extraordinary Daoist Techniques


The Heaven Sword Alliance

  • The Blades Divided
    • Disadvantage: Hunted
  • The Seven Heavenly Blades
    • Successor to The Five Steel Saint
      • Wulin Status 3
      • Heaven Sword Alliance Status 4
      • Rival of Morning Frost

Wild Beat Liu Mai

  • Entanglement 3
    • Even though she was sent to kill or capture Shining Star, the defeated Wild Beat was saved by Star from being crushed in a collapsing bar.


Shining Star is a tall woman of around twenty, with long hair which she usually leaves loose. She wears a red and white two-piece biker’s suit, the top usually unzipped, and a black t-shirt underneath. Her purified metal chi has left her with skin with a sheen like burnished silver.

She carries a 5 foot long single-edged sword slung across her back. The black and gold blade is looks slender, but is alloyed of a super-dense metal that can cut through steel or carbon fibre like butter.

Shining Star is seldom seen far away from her red and white custom racing bike; she travels light and often, in the way of a wandering Xia, but also because a faction within her clan wishes to see her either dead or at least out of the picture.


Originally the Heaven Sword Alliance was a loose confederation of wanderers, who believed that through their martial practice all men could unlock their destiny and inner potential. As heroes they believed they could serve as role model and inspiration to the common man. There was however a faction within them that wished to take a more active role; that to actively guide and shape the world was the responsibility of a swordsman.

The fall of the Han and the chaos it brought has let to this faction’s rise to prominence. They seek to rule the wulin for the good of all, they say. This faction has exploited the chaos as people’s desire for order to take control of the Heaven Sword Alliance, and cow the dissenters into silence.

The most prominent dissenter was one of the Seven Legendary Blades, The Five Steel Saint, wielder of the legendary sword The Northern Star. He felt that this role wasn’t fitting with their original mission, and forgot the purity of man and blade, unsullied by worldly affairs. He became a focus for opposition to the Unification faction, as they had become known.

The Five Steel Saint had two students, a girl Shining Star, and a boy Morning Frost. Both could be considered prodigies of the sword, and The Five Steel Saint taught them according to their strengths. Shining Star was a confident and outgoing, while Morning Frost was more reserved.

It’s not clear why Morning Frost betrayed their master to the Unification faction; whether he had some grievance or was jealous of Shining Star in some way. All Shining Star knows is that she and her master were set upon by assassins, led there by Morning Frost, while training in a remote mountain location. Her master led away the assassins to get her out of danger, and when she finally found the scene of battle there was no sign of him.

The Unification faction claimed that The Five Steel Saint was dead, but without his famous sword as evidence many did not believe it. Further, as Shining Star was the elder student, they weren’t able to proclaim Morning Frost as The Five Steel Saint’s successor either.

Shining Star knows what she has to do. She’ll laugh at her pursuers; claim her master’s legacy; kill Morning Frost for his treachery and restore the values of freedom to the Heaven Sword Alliance.


Shining Star

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