Shameless Xiang Li

Dirt Covered Free Thinker


Class: C

Archetype: Courtier

Destiny: Free:0 Total:20
Entanglement: Free:0 Total:15

Disadvantage: Hunted by the Invisible Hell Killers

Benevolence 4 Force 5 Honor 1 Loyalty 3 Righteousness 2
Ferocity 1 Individualism 1 Obsession 5 Revenge 2 Ruthlessness 1
Confidence +10 Focus on breath
Inspire +10
Awareness +5
Hardiness +5
Politics +5
Perform +10 Music

Kung Fu:

Normal: 11 Free Cultivation: 1 Total: 11
Earth: 2 Free Cultivation: 9 Total: 19

Earth Chi Deviation: Must maintain a layer of grime, walking barefoot and refusing to accept clean clothing.

Chi Threshold: 11/22/33

Weapon: Paired Tonfas

  • +5 Strike
  • If you Block an attack against an opponent in the same Zone by 10 or more, you may Reply against that opponent.
  • You can Flood a die or set of dice from the River as the basis for a Secondary Attack.


  • +5 Speed
  • +5 Footwork
  • You can Focus on Breath using only a single die from your initiative roll, instead of needing a set.

External Kung Fu
Great Ultimate Dragon Style

  • Speed: +15 Unarmed: +20
  • Footwork: +5 Unarmed: +10
  • Strike: +5 Tonfas: +10
  • Damage: +5
  • Block: +5
  • Toughness: +5

External Techniques

  • Dragon Stance: At the start of each round choose whether you will use the ‘Dragon in Heaven’ or ‘Dragon in Ocean’ stance.
  • Permeating Presence:
    • If you use Dragon in Heaven stance and your initiative is higher than the defender’s, this style’s Strike bonus increases to +10.
    • If you use Dragon in Ocean stance, you have a +5 bonus to any check made to break a Wave, as well as any Shaping Marvels.
  • Ultimate Expression of Motion and Stillness: This style’s speed bonus is increased to +15
  • Universal Grasping Claws:
    • If you use Dragon in Heaven stance, you receive an extra +5 bonus to Disrupt Marvels.
    • If you use Dragon in Ocean stance, you receive an extra +5 bonus to Disorient Marvels.

Internal Kung Fu
Heaven’s Thunder

  • 1 Chi – Heaven’s Thunder: You can use the Shock effect as a Minor Action on your attack with a +5 bonus.
  • 2 Chi – Yellow Emperor’s Hand: You have a +10 bonus to Disorient or Knockback your target.
  • 3 Chi – Lightning Strike: You can use the Shock effect as a Minor Action on your attack with a +15 bonus. If it forces an immediate Rippling roll, the roll receives a +5 bonus.
  • 4 Chi – Dragon Chi:
    • Round-long duration. You may spend one Chi per round to extend the technique’s duration another round; you must spend the Chi at the beginning of each new round.
    • When you Focus on Breath, it also improves the regeneration of Earth Chi.
    • When you use any technique that lets you use the Shock effect with a bonus, you can instead apply the bonus to one of the following: Speed, Footwork, Strike, Damage, Block, or Toughness.

Secret Arts

Secret Lores

  • Introduction to Predictionism (System Topic)
  • Extraordinary Scholar Techniques
  • Passions and Inspirations (System Topic)
  • The Story of Self (Discovery Lore)
  • Secret Arts of Intrigue (Toolset Lore)
  • Controlling Inspirations (Manipulation Lore)
    • Inflaming/Soothing Inspirations
  • Extraordinary Courtier Techniques


*A Woman’s Life

  • The Warrior’s Solution
    *Resplendent Phoenix Society
    *Destiny-Binding: Elder Brothers
    *Disadvantage: Hunted


Shameless Li is 5’3, her black hair tied into a sinngle braid. Due to her chi deviation, she’s grimy more often than not. Her style of dress, shockingly, still remains feminine, but her dark blue cheongsam is a small concession at best.

In short, she looks about three hairs away from being “that crazy homeless girl”, despite being neither crazy nor homeless. Thankfully, she stood far back when shame was handed out.


  • Xiang Li was always something of a tomboy. Every bedtime story was about Hong Dong, Snow Bei or Ban Zhao if she could help it, and she often could.
  • Her parents signed her up to learn the drums when she was old enough, hoping to channel her boundless desire to hit things into a more harmonious end. It worked, in that she became a good drummer.
  • Finally, at the age of sixteen, an increasingly heated argument with her father revealed the true cause of her grandmother’s death. Though she never knew the woman well, Meiying Li was always spoken highly of, so the idea that she could be executed for treason was rather troubling. Her mother shrugged, saying “this is the way of the world, for us.”
  • When she insisted, angrily as ever, on changing “the way of the world”, her mother tearfully but dutifully sent her to the Phoenix Society. If she could not be turned from this foolish thing, then she had best learn to do it properly.
  • The Phoenix Society awakened her chi and started her on the Wukin path, but their Yin-aspected Kung Fu found no purchase with her. They sent her to Fong Bei, something of a black sheep in the Society, noted for her “unorthodoxx” ideas.
  • In specific, Fong Bei is a factory worker, and sheer strength of body and spirit had won her equality of a sort. Xiang Li regards the woman as something of an elder sister. She learned that fire and water in balance could create a force stronger than either, and her kung fu came alive!
  • Before enlightenment, turning gears and stoking the boiler. After enlightenment, turning gears and stoking the boiler.
  • She is twenty-one years old now, and her Kung Fu is strong. She wanders her city, enlightening the masses with story-songs beaten out on whatever’s handy. Her music is one of the few subtle things about her, ful of pro-equality symbolism, but very few outright statements to that effect.

Shameless Xiang Li

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