Jade Tigress


Class: C

Status 2: Blood Wind Cult Initiate
Status 1: Guardian of the Steppes

Archetype: Warrior

Destiny: Free:0 Total:30
Entanglement: Free:0 Total:15

Disadvantage: Feral Child
Disadvantage: Enemy – Yun Clan

Benevolence 2 Force 4 Honor 2 Loyalty 4 Righteousness 1
Ferocity 3 Individualism 4 Obsession 1 Revenge 2 Ruthlessness 2
Awareness +10 Smell
Confidence +5
Finesse +5
Hardiness +10
Inspire +0 Inspire Fear
Might +5
Stealth +10
Survival +10
Tactics +5

Kung Fu:

Normal: 11 Free Cultivation: 3 Total: 13
Wood: 2 Free Cultivation: 9 Total: 19

Chi Threshold: 11/22/33

Weapon: Tiger Claw Style

  • +5 Speed
  • +5 Footwork
  • +5 Strike
  • Focus on breath with only 1 die
  • If you block an attack against an enemy in the same zone by 10 or more, reply.
  • Flood a die or set from River as the basis of a Secondary Attack.

External Kung Fu
Ravenous Wings

  • Speed: +5 Tiger Claw +10
  • Footwork: +10 Tiger Claw +15
  • Strike: +10 Tiger Claw +15
  • Damage: +10
  • Block: +0
  • Toughness: +5

Eating Your Own Kind: When in Ravenous Wings style, can use taking as ripple as giving a ripple.
Leaving no Remains: Ravenous Wings’ Strike increases to +10

Internal Kung Fu
Boundless Prosperity Manual

  • 1 Chi – Retain Balanced Nature: You have a +5 bonus to a roll made to remove a Disoriented or Disrupted Marvel, provided the Marvel is described as being caused by pain, blocked pressure points, injuries, or similar effects. You can also make such checks using only a single die, instead of needing a set.
  • 2 Chi – Be Where You Must: Round-long duration. You have a +10 bonus to Footwork.
  • 3 Chi – Reflexes Like Lightning: You have a +10 bonus to any Marvel or attempt to break a Wave.
  • 4 Chi – Five Elements Supreme Combination: Round-long duration.
    • You have a +15 bonus to your Speed, Footwork, Strike, Damage, Block, or Toughness.
    • You may boost this technique, adding the bonus to another statistic for every two Chi you spend.

Secret Arts:

  • Controlling Outer Force: On a crit Disrupt, flood a die to make it a -10 penalty.

Secret Arts

Secret Lores

  • Combat Conditions
    • Everyone with this Lore can recognize an existing Combat Condition by making a Tactics roll at the urging of the Sage while out of combat, and as a deliberate Minor Tactics Action inside of it. The Difficulty is set by the Sage, but the benchmarks should be 30 for a Minor Condition and only 20 to recognize a Major one.

The target can oppose this with Stealth or Tactics.

  • The Secret Art of Battle
    • All practitioners of the Warrior’s Art can also try to Soothe any Combat Conditions that their enemies have active. This is made as a Minor Tactics action on your attack roll with a Difficulty equal to the Recovery of the Combat Condition.
      • This roll is subject to all the normal Laughs at/Fears bonuses or penalties one might expect, depending on which External Styles are used.
      • A success Soothes the Condition one level – Major to Minor, Minor to Trivial, Trivial to gone.
      • A Trivial Condition gives no applicable effects, but can be Inflamed back to its original level.
    • To Inflame one of your own Conditions (to a maximum of its initial intensity), make a Hard (30) Tactics roll as a Minor Action on your Initiative roll.
    • Each Element has an associated approach, which describes their attitude to battle, and another element that it dominates. This nets them a +5 bonus to their Tactics rolls against the latter when it comes to Soothing the Combat Conditions belonging to the dominated element, or for defending against their Tactics-based Secret Art attacks.
  • Extraordinary Warrior Techniques
    • Controlling Outer Force


  • Introduction to Predictionism
  • Extraordinary Scholar Techniques


Blood Wind Cult

  • Status 2: Blood Wind Cult Member
  • Status 1: Guardian of The Steppes
  • Disadvantage: Feral Child

The North

The Yun Clan

  • Technique: Six-Armed Demon God
  • Disadvantage: Enemy (Yun Clan)
    h3. Appearance


  • Jade Tigress is a ‘tribute child’ – one of the girl babies the Blood Wind Clan extorts from their subjects. She’s fairly young, only about 17 or 18, and unlike many of her elders in the cult, the worst trauma she’s suffered so far was their harsh training (which she’s done fairly well at.)
  • She’s been sent to Thrashing Minister City to assist one of her elder sisters in the cult in her mission. Unbeknownst to her, said elder sister is already dead. Her priorities will be finding out who killed her, getting revenge, and carrying on her mission, whatever it was. (She wasn’t told.)
  • She’s killed people before, and doesn’t regret it a bit. Of course, they were bandits and other threats.
  • She’s had “Don’t trust men” beaten into her head from a very young age, but she’s otherwise rather naive. This is the first time she’s been in a big city!

Jade Tigress

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