Roaring Falls

Wandering Sage Disguised as an Older Wandering Sage


Class: C

Status 3: Dragon Well Sect Member
Status 3: Ex-Imperial Bureaucrat

Archetype: Priest

Destiny: Free:0 Total:20
Entanglement: Free:0 Total:15

Disadvantage: Hidden Identity

Benevolence 4 Force 3 Honor 2 Loyalty 2 Righteousness 4
Ferocity 2 Individualism 3 Obsession 2 Revenge 2 Ruthlessness 1
Awareness +5
Confidence +5
Hardiness +5
Inspire +5
Learning +10 Caligraphy
Might +5
Politics +5
Survival +5
Tactics +5
Wu Wei +5 Focus on Breath, Sense Chi

Kung Fu:

Normal: 12 Free Cultivation: 5 Total: 26

Chi Threshold: 12/24/46


  • +5 Speed, +5 Footwork, +5 Strike
  • May use a single die on the Initiative roll to Focus on Breath
  • May make attacks against adjacent zones
  • May Flood a die from the river to make attacks against more distant zones

External Kung Fu
Flowing Universe

  • Speed: +5
  • Footwork: +5
  • Strike: +10
  • Damage: +0
  • Block: +10
  • Toughness: +10

Smothering Pressure: This style’s Strike bonus increases to +10

Internal Kung Fu
Removing Concepts

  • 1 Chi – Calm Heart Skill: You have a +5 Bonus to Awareness or Wu Wei
  • 2 Chi – Spontaneous Effort: This roll, you can perform a single Minor Action that is based on a single die instead of needing a set.
  • 3 Chi – Clarity in Openness: You have a +10 bonus to any single Skill check.

Secret Arts:

  • Manipulating Influences Internal-External Technique: Create an Influence from an existing Inspiration
  • Manipulating Influences Elemental Progression Technique: Change an Influence’s Element to the one promoted by its existing Element, and alter accordingly

Secret Arts

Secret Lores

  • Combat Conditions
  • Extraordinary Warrior Techniques


  • Introduction to Predictionism


  • Passions and Inspirations
  • Story of Self
  • Extraordinary Courtier Techniques


  • Curses and Influences
  • The Secret Art of Daoist Magic
  • Manipulating Influences
    • Inflaming and Soothing Influences
    • Internal-External Technique
    • Elemental Progression Technique
  • Extraordinary Daoist Techniques


Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons

  • Bonus: Free Wu Wei specialty: Sense Chi

Dragon Well Sect

  • Status 3: Dragon Well Sect Member
  • Heretical Sage: Paired Chi condition; A hyperactivity for certain excentric behaviors and a weakness for not engaging in them
  • Dragon Well Kung Fu
    • Infinite Universe Technique: May treat unarmed fighting as unarmed/ranged fighting

Jianking – The Imperial Capital

  • Status 3: Ex-Imperial Bureacrat


  • Bonus: Spend Joss to get Food and Shelter (Chivalrous) or get by without Food and Shelter (Malicious)


Roaring Falls has a large frame and a round belly. He keeps his head shaved and is growing out a disappointingly wispy beard; he had always hoped he could grow a properly luxurious one, but it seems to not be his fate. He dresses simply, and travels light with a sack of clothes, odds-and-ends, his brushes, and never quite as much ink or paper as he’d like. He affects to a greater age and wisdom, but he’s not even in his late twenties!


Once upon a time, in another life, Roaring Falls was an incredibly minor, but well-liked young functionary working in Jiankang. He earned a more-than adequate wage, and had little enough actual responsibility that he could spend much of his time in pursuit of an eclectic mixture of hobbies. At the time, he practiced Kung Fu as a matter of course, but had no interest in devoting himself to Cultivation or leaving the Mountains and Forests. That life was ended when his habit of gifting co-workers and friends with beautiful works of calligraphy saw a few particularly lovely pieces enter the Forbidden City. Someone there decided he should be working for him, personally.

The words of congratulation hadn’t even found their way to his door before the then-young man fled the capital with all-haste in borrowed clothes amongst strangers. Between homeless wandering and being on some minister and/or eunuch’s leash for the rest of his life, there wasn’t even a contest. Whether or not his family agrees with his choice is something he’s been a little too cautious (craven) to investigate.

He decided that the best way to never be recognized as himself, while not just choosing a different place to get tied down, eventually found, and punished, was to become one of the mad wandering Daoist priests of popular lore. So he did just that. He’s gotten a little deep into his “cover”, at this point, several years later. Some of the priests he has trained with since his decision have seen through his disguise. Some have thought it might be a great joke that a well-intentioned man invested in individualistic self-refinement and exploration has disguised himself as a well-intentioned man invested in individualistic self-refinement and exploration.

By and large he is appreciative of the Dragon Well Sect for taking him in, but away from the eyes of their shrines and adherents, he is less rigid in his shunning of proscribed foods and behaviours than probably he should be. He has joined the Lakes and Rivers by virtue of distancing himself from the Mountains and Forests, and has found many occasions to practice, and hone, his Kung Fu there. Being a loudmouthed busy-body of a wanderer has a great habit of making that inevitable.

Roaring Falls

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