Dr. Hell Crow

Wulin Detective and Ex Hell Killer


Class: C

Archetype: Doctor

Destiny: Free:0 Total:20
Entanglement: Free:1 Total:15

Disadvantage: Hunted: Many factions hunt down the former Hell Killers, from the Jin Dynasty to their former masters the Liquid Shadow Magistrates and the relations of the many people they assasinated , hunted for Justice, Revenge or Control the life of a former killer is never easy.
Disadvantage: Detached: The cruel tutelage that the Hell Killers had to endure left them cold and distance, sometimes it appears as if the killers belong to the realm of demons and not of humans, so they have trouble adapting and simpaticing with normal people.

Benevolence 3 Force 1 Honor 3 Righteousness 1
Ferocity 3 Individualism 3 Obsession 3 Revenge 1 Loyalty/Ruthlessness 5
Awareness +10
Confidence +5
Finesse +5
Hardiness +5
Learning +5
Medicine +10
Stealth +5
Tactics +5

Kung Fu:

Normal: 11 Free Cultivation: 1 Total: 11
Corrupt: 2 Free Cultivation: 0 Total: 20

Corrupt Deviation: Unnatural Eyes

Chi Threshold: 11/22/33


  • +5 Speed
  • +5 Footwork
  • You can Focus on Breath using only a single die from your initiative roll, instead of needing a set.

External Kung Fu
Ravenous Wings

  • Speed: +5 Unarmed +10
  • Footwork: +10 Unarmed +15
  • Strike: +5
  • Damage: +10
  • Block: +0
  • Toughness: +5

Heaven Darkened by Wings: When your attack inflicts a Ripple on a target, you may
choose one of the following special benefits in addition to
your attack’s other effects:

  • The target doesn’t receive the benefit of Focusing on
    Breath at the end of this round, or;
  • The target suffers a -5 penalty next round to recover
    from a Disoriented condition, or;
  • The target suffers a -5 penalty next round to recover
    from a Disrupted condition.

Internal Kung Fu
Thousand Venoms

  • 1 Chi – Cobra Strike: You can use the Poison effect as a Minor Action on your attack with a +5 bonus.
  • 2 Chi – Miasma of Long Suffering:
    • If this attack inflicts any Ripples, then an amount of the subject’s normal Chi equal to the number of Ripples inflicted becomes infected. Two points of infected Chi need to be spent to gain the benefit of one normal chi. Multiple applications of this technique stack. The quickest way to remove tainted Chi is to spend it, but you can also expel it with a Hard (30) Hardiness or Medicine check as a Minor Action on the Initiative roll, with success healing a single point. Otherwise, the points heal naturally at a rate of one per round.
    • If the subject Focuses on Breath while he has any amount of tainted Chi in his reserves, he suffers one Ripple.
  • 3 Chi – Devil Flower Essence:
    • If the target currently has a Trivial or Minor Poison condition, this attack inflicts one extra Ripple.
    • If the target currently has a Major Poison condition, this attack inflicts two extra Ripples.
  • 4 Chi – Transformation of Dark Jade:
    • Round-long duration. You may spend two Chi per round to extend the technique’s duration another round; you must spend the Chi at the beginning of each new round.
    • You have a +10 bonus to Speed, Footwork, Strike, Damage, Block, and Toughness.
    • You automatically gain one Ripple whenever you activate or extend this technique.

Secret Arts
Opening the Veins and Arteries: With a Moderate (20) Medicine Wave, the Doctor can give temporary regular Chi to either himself or a willing target he can touch at the cost of Ripples. The beneficiary receives 2 Chi per Ripple that they are prepared to accept. (This can inflict no more Ripples than the Doctor’s Rank level.) These points do not respire, nor do they remain after the combat. Characters without Cultivation, such as Lesser Legends or Unranked people, can use this technique exclusively to practice Internal Styles.

Secret Lores


  • The Warrior’s Art
    • Everyone with this Lore can recognize an existing Combat Condition by making a Tactics roll at the urging of the Sage while out of combat, and as a deliberate Minor Tactics Action inside of it. The Difficulty is set by the Sage, but the benchmarks should be 30 for a Minor Condition and only 20 to recognize a Major one.

The target can oppose this with Stealth or Tactics.

  • Extraordinary Warrior’s Techniques


  • Introduction to Predictionism


  • Introduction to Medical Conditions
  • The Secret Art of Medicine (Toolset Lore)
    • Anyone with this Lore can work in parallel with a subject, allowing the subject to use the better result of the Doctor’s and their own for trying to beat the Recovery.
  • A Doctor’s Work (Discovery Lore)
    • Discovery Skill: Medicine
    • Resist Skill: Hardiness
    • On a Standard Success, you have Discovered a Trivial Weakness Medical Condition or a Trivial Hyperactivity Medical Condition; On a Critical Success, you can Discover a Minor Weakness Medical Condition or a Minor Hyperactivity Medical Condition.
    • You get to pick the Recovery of the Condition, either equal to the roll made to Discover it or a set number depending on its Intensity: Hard (30) for a Trivial Condition and Memorable (40) for a Minor or Major one.
    • You can choose between [Duration 5, Interval 1 Scene] or [Duration 1, Interval 1 Story].
  • Secrets of Treatment (Manipulation Lore)
    • Manipulation Skill: Medicine
    • Inflaming and Soothing Conditions: To inflame or soothe a Medical Condition, roll Medicine +Toolset Bonuses vs the Recovery of the Condition. Inflaming or soothing a condition moves its Recovery Difficulty one step.
    • Quick Work: You may use Secret Arts attacks in Combat.
    • Yin-Yang Technique: This technique creates a new Medical Condition that has a Yin-Yang relationship with an existing Condition. The difficulty of the Maipulation roll is equal to the Recovery of the existing condition. This new Condition has the same severity, Duration, recovery and Interval as the Condition it was created from.
  • Extraordinary Doctor Techniques


Invisible Hell Killers

  • 5 Fortune: Flashbacks
  • Involvement: Liquid Shadow Magistrates/Hell Killers (1) : My destiny is still tied the former masters and other members of the Killers


  • 4 Secret: Virtuous Cruelty Technique
    h3. Appearance

His eyes have become unnatural looking (something like a sharingan maybe) so he always uses dark sunglasses even at night, and when ask about it he talks about some medical condition, he knows this effect will extend to the rest of his body as he keeps cultivating poison chi (will eventually look like the guy in True Legend) so he always covers every inch of his body with dark clothes, gloves and boots.

He is slender man on his late twenties or early thirties with long black hair, pencil mustache, who always dresses in impeccable black clothes of a noble or minor official, and always wears round dark eyeglasses


The man known as Dr Hell Crow was once a member of the feared Invisible Hell Killers, which performed their duties as Secret Police for the Han Dynasty with an iron fist, an orphan raised by the society to be a living weapon in the service of the empire, a weapon without remorse or mercy.

Dr Hell Crow spilled a lot of blood by the orders of his masters the mysterious eunuchs of the East Chamber known in whispers as Liquid Shadow Magistrates yet he always believed that doing so served to maintain order under Heaven

Now the Han Dynasty has fallen, the masters have vanished into the shadows and he has been left an orphan once again, many are those who hunt the Hell Killers so to survive he had to hid, blend among the population in doing so his perception has changed, perhaps order imposed trough force is not the way, perhaps there is more harmony in freedom than control.

As he ponders what to do with his life, if to try to find his former masters and comrades and try to restore Han Dynasty, or seek revenge upon those who fell it and rain punishment upon the enemies of the order decreed by Heaven or to let go of the hate wash his hands of the bloodshed and seek redemption, he will try to live a simple life as a wandering physician and detective, helping people, learning about the world and unearthing those who hid in the darkness and thrive on corruption.

Dr Wu Ya (Crow) as he has decided to call himself in his civilian identity appears as a rather good looking man of slight complexion, he often appears calmed and unthreatening hiding the danger of his fearsome skills, he is a man of wealth and taste who enjoys the best things in life and can often be found in fine wine shops and tea houses accompanied by beautiful courtesans.

This devil may care attitude and frivolous life style serves a many purposes, first it gives him the chance to observe and learn from the different people in the Jianghu by mixing with them socially, also by acting like a fop he tries to appear harmless and have possible enemies underestimate him, but mainly is because he hates the fact that he is an orphan without origin so he tries to act high class and makes a history about himself coming from a notable family, he hates being called a bastard or any other kind of insult to his lineage.

Since childhood he has practiced Poison Kung Fu and he knows this is turning him into a corrupt creature and in a way he hates that, but he accepts it as his destiny, he sees himself as a demon who must hunt down other worst demons who want o bring down the Heavenly Order, or at least that is what he used to think when he served with the killers.

Dr. Hell Crow

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